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This site serves the residents and homeowners of Barrington Downs with information about their community. Here you will find information about amenities (such as the swimming pools and clubhouse), related documents, an events calendar, and other useful information.

Please contact us if you have any questions about the site or suggestions for its improvement.

The Board of Trustees would like everyone to be aware that we have been notified of a few incidents in the neighborhood and surrounding areas where cars are being broken into. The police have been vigilant in seeking out those who are responsible, however, we would like everyone to be aware and remain safe. Here are a few things you can do to avoid these type of incidents.


·         Be sure to lock your house.

·         Be sure to lock your cars and do not leave any valuables in site or be sure to

       bring them in the house.

·         Be sure to close your garage doors.

·         If you leave your garage door opener in your car – make sure it is hidden or

      bring it in the house with you each evening.  Another possible solution is

      that most of us have a light switch in the garage that when turned off the

      garage door cannot be opened. Doing this each night, could lower the

      risks of someone gaining access to your home if the garage door

      opener is stolen.

·         Consider leaving your front porch lights on throughout the night or install a

       light with a motion detector, surveillance and/or security alarm.

·         Consider trimming back bushes to avoid any areas where someone could

       potentially hide.


Barrington Downs is a great community to live in with great people! If you notice or see any suspicious activity taking place in our community, please contact 911 immediately.  Reporting suspicious activity can help prevent crime and keep our community safe.


Thank you and enjoy the rest of your summer!


From the Board of the Villages at Barrington Downs: 

After some discussion, the Board has decided that effective immediately it is in the best interest of the community to close the Clubhouse, the workout room and locker rooms, playground, basketball, and tennis court areas until further notice.  We will reopen the facility when it is deemed safe to do so.  The Trustees regret that this action is necessary and apologize for any inconvenience. 

If any homeowners' are in need of assistance please contact the Clubhouse Office via email at or by phone at 314-921-9135.

Thank you!

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