The Villages at Barrington Downs Homeowners Association

Architectural Control 

Please be sure to complete an ACC Request for the projects that come under the auspices of the ACC Committee. If you have any questions about whether your project requires ACC approval or you need a copy of the restrictions, please contact the office staff at the clubhouse or DNI. You may pick up the necessary documents for submission to ACC at the clubhouse. As a reminder it is the homeowner’s responsibility to submit the proper paperwork, NOT the contractors.

We wish to remind homeowners that they are responsible for obtaining all applicable permits from 
the county for any construction. Any fencing erected on their property must be maintained within their property lines. Fences that bar access to easements for utility purposes might be subject to damage or removal by certain utility companies under certain circumstances, and repair will be the sole 
responsibility of the homeowner.

ACC Guidelines

ACC Request Form
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