The Villages at Barrington Downs Homeowners Association

Important Announcements

The Board of Trustees would like to make you aware that we have been notified of a few incidents in the neighborhood where cars are being broken into. The police have been vigilant in seeking out those who are responsible and have them in custody, however, the main message we want to make folks aware of is safety and a few things you can do to avoid these type of incidents.


  • Be sure to lock your house.
  • Be sure to lock your cars and do not leave any valuables in site or bring them in the house.
  • Be sure to close your garage doors.
  • If you leave your garage door opener in your car – make sure it is hidden or better yet, bring it in the house.
  • Consider leaving your front porch lights on throughout the night or install a light with a motion detector, surveillance and/or security alarm.
  • Consider trimming back bushes to avoid any areas where someone could potentially hide.

Barrington Downs is a great community to live in with great people and we want to keep it that way. Several years ago there was an effort to bring forth a Neighborhood Watch Program, however, there wasn’t enough homeowners coming forth to move that program to a successful level needed for the area. We would like to revive the interest again. If there are any neighbors that are interested in bringing the effort forth again, please call the Barrington Downs clubhouse and speak with the staff, or talk with your village trustee.

Attention homeowners. There have been reports of break-ins and suspicious individuals "casing" homes in the area. Please contact the St. Louis County Police Department (889-2341) if you see any suspicious activity. For emergencies, dial 911.  

Please keep your dogs leashed and attended to when they are outside. This includes while they are in the backyard. There have been several complaints of unleashed dogs running throughout the neighborhood. Also, please remember that while walking dogs to pick up their waste. Thank you!!

There have been numerous foreclosures and abandoned homes in the neighborhood. If you have a complaint about any poorly maintained property, please call the office at 921-9135 during office hours, or contact us by email. Saint Louis County Neighborhood Preservation will be notified.

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