The Villages at Barrington Downs Homeowners Association

The Villages at Barrington Downs
Property Management

DNI Properties has been selected as our Property Management company. This decision was based on the recommendation of our Property Management Committee and our Association's attorney.

DNI provides the following services, in accordance with Schedule A of the DNI Management Services Agreement.

  • Prepare Budgets
  • Provide Association Fee Billing Services
  • Implement Accounts Receivable Lock-Box Service
  • Maintain Assessment Records
  • Perform Delinquency Processing
  • Perform Invoice/Disbursement Procedures
  • Prepare/Deliver Financial Statements
  • Coordinate Audit/Tax Preparation and General Ledger with CPA
  • Implement Investment Plan for Reserves
  • Perform Adjustments/Reconcilations as Needed
  • Maintain Files and Records
  • Prepare General Correspondence
  • Administer Insurance and Claims
  • Develop Administrative Policy Related to Regulations, Insurance, Financial Pratices, Court Rulings
  • Provide Services Related to Real Estate Transactions within the Subdivision
  • Provide Board Meeting Services
  • Inspect Property, Notify of Violations, Implement Violation Policy
  • Provide Maintenance Services
  • Implement Contractor Bidding Procedures
  • Provide Vendor Contract Administration Services
  • Supervise Recurring Service Contractors
  • Provide On-Call Emergency Services
  • Provide Construction Management Services

Information about DNI Properties 

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